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School Holidays Camps

Disney Ballet Delight (Ages 3-10)

Put on your ballet shoes, straighten your ballet pose and enjoy Disney delights this holiday camp! Learn to dance like a disney princess, waltz around with a tea cup and chase after a running rabbit all in ballet style!

Fairy Princess Magic (Ages 3-7)

Discover the world of fairy land dressed in fancy fairy wings and create magical stories with your imagination! Learn the fundamentals of storytelling at this holiday camp through ballet basics alongside the different kinds of music styles.

Christmas Ballet Classics! (Ages 4-10)

Celebrate Christmas by learning the ballet classics of all times! Come and perform with us during this Christmas session! Impress your friends and family with your cool ballet moves this holiday session!


RAD 8 Days Boot Camp - Super Juniors!  (Ages 5-7)

Super Juniors camp offer a wonderful introduction to ballet and training incorporates enchanting themes and stories coupled with imaginative props and instruments. The first steps of RAD technique are explored as students learn to grasp musicality, special awareness balance communication and performance. Our camp focus on the core foundations of ballet, preparing students for the transition to graded ballet at a higher level.

RAD 8 Days Boot Camp - Juniors!  (Ages 8-11)

Juniors camp promote “feeling before form” where the children are unafraid to try out new sensations of spinning, leaping and balancing. Musically inspired exercises motivate students to acquire a well rounded understanding of ballet and character and promote joy in movement, sense of dance and performance quality.  

RAD 8 Days Boot Camp - Seniors!  (Ages 12 and above)

Seniors camp contributes to a learner’s all-round achievement, as it helps to develop competencies such as motor control, self expression, physical fitness, and stamina, discipline, mental ability and confidence. 

15 Dec ~ 18 Dec

24 ~ 27 November

08 ~ 11 December

15 ~ 18 December

24~27 November and 01~04 December

08~11 December and 15~18 December

08~11 December and 15~18 December

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