Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Music City Custom Trailers located?

MCCT has two available locations. The main office is located in Nashville, Tennesse. The shop is located in Northern Mexico in Monclova, Coahuila a medium sized city with mid sized population approximately 3 hours away from the border line with Eagle Pass, Texas.

How does the 1 warranty apply if I am in another state?

The warranty covers anything from kitchen equipment, structural and functional.

Depending on what is malfunctioning, a local contractor in your area will be hired and sent to the address to fix the problem. The company will take care of 100% of the payment.

The warranty will be canceled if the customer or a third-party tries to fix it and changes the fabric configuration.

How long is your building process?

We have a very well structured assembly line with specific time for each manufacturing process, always keeping quality as top priority.
Our building process is 4 weeks and by the 5th week you get it delivered. Some delays can ocurre depending on changes, modifications or add on’s requested by our customers.

How does your payment method work?

A 20% upfront payment is requested to schedule build. After approving through video call that your trailer is ready to go, we will ask for a 60% wire transfer 1 day prior before shipping. And the pending 20% in cash or wire transfer upon arrival or delivery.

Do Music City Custom Trailers finance?

We are officialy starting to offer a financing option through a third-party company, KOALA CAPITAL GROUP, go to our Financing tab to learn more and apply today!

How do I know the trailer is built to pass inspection?

We stick to FDA general construction guidelines, but some counties require specific details such as limited size of window openings, screened porches, two drain boards on sinks, etc. that's why we will require the client to first contact their local health department and send us the regulations for mobile food establishments. In this way, the trailer will be built under those specific regulations and requirements so we can get pre-approved by Health Department and minimize the risk.

How do I know which generator I will be needing?

To catch an idea of the size of the generator you will occupy there has to be some math being done, depending on the amount of wattage that each electric equipment runs with, we have to sum everything up and calculate the peak wattage to offer you the best options.
We recommend asking before hand to make sure you buy the right one avoiding any further issues or difficulties.

Is Music City Custom Trailers legit?

Yes. Music City Custom Trailers is an established company with presence in the United Stated and Mexico.