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Music Examinations offer students progress in the form of official recognition of the success and reassurance that you are on the right path forward. Music Examinations are meant to progress students' music abilities and encourage the sense of progression.

With a good track record for student results at music examinations, the results are maintained continually by hardworking students and a stringent training programme managed by the professional music instructors at The Ballet & Music Company.

In addition to periodic assessments done internally, the results are derived from a wealth of experience for the benefit of the students and guidance by the music instructors who have the vast experience to assess the students, making it as an objective guideline to improve the students' musical skills. In addition, results for individual students are also kept confidential to ensure that students build on their personal capabilities year or year.

Excellent result at examinations is hard work, requiring training of a minimum of twice a week, rehearsals with pianist, fellow students and teachers. Examinations must be taken in sequence so the principles taught in each level build upon one another to create a solid foundation for technical strength and proficiency.

Why Music Examinations are important?

1. Motivate each student to work harder to achieve a personal best during the actual examination and the process.

2. Allow students the opportunities to enjoy quality, technical music training, supporting good competitive values along with enhancing stronger performance abilities.

3. Examinations are a "goal setter". They are a memorable experience and present an opportunity for music students to be critiqued and evaluated by professional examiners yearly as an objective guide to improve musical skills.

4. Offer international music certification and the ability for worldwide continual music education.

5. Examination training help students build stronger character, integrity and lasting moral values for their futures.

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