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Dancer Teachers’ Mentoring Programme each year offers dance artists the life-changing opportunity of preparing for a career beyond performing, benefitting from the wisdom, experience and industry insights of a mentor. 

As an enhancement to the Dancer's career, this Dance Teachers' Mentoring Programme is designed to develop leadership potential, and expand teachers’ industry knowledge and network of contacts under the guidance of an established industry figure.

Inspired to become a certified RAD Teacher?

This programme is for elite dancers who are looking to broaden their horizons and plan their next step, whether they are still performing, or already retired from performing. We are looking for candidates who are interested to pursue a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD UK) Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS).

A series of online and in-person sessions will be conducted. As spaces are limited, to apply to become a mentee on the 2021-22 programme, please email to

Application Criteria

The Mentoring Programme is open to dancers:

  • with at least RAD intermediate qualifications, dance diploma from established Dance Institutions.

  • retired dancers from dance companies

Illness or Injury

Should you be a current or former partner company dancer unable to meet the application criteria set out above because you were forced to retire due to illness or injury, you may still be eligible. Please do contact us for more information on

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