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Group – Music Appreciation Class

Group – Music Awareness Class



Music Appreciation Class includes an artistically conceived flow of songs, nursery rhymes, instrumental jam sessions, fingerplays, and movement activities. The combination and types of activities are research-based and support children’s developing competence in tonality and rhythm. In addition, activities evolve from the child’s world and include vocal play, animal sounds, rhythm play, language play, and a good bit of genuine, silly fun. Classes are taught by a qualified Music Together teacher who is trained in music development and skilled in leading participatory music activity. Children “bring the music home” to their parents through the workbook and instruments.

Music Awareness Class helps children learn at their own pace in a nurturing fun atmosphere. Lesson plans are designed to build the strength of each student. Parents participate in their child’s learning by attending the lessons (optional or as and when advised by teacher). This participation enables them to accomplish their role as a practice monitor and mentor at home. Students will respond much more effectively if the parents are involved in the lesson. This allows parents to effectively help the students if they are having problems as well as monitor progress during the week.

PROJECT Le Petite (The Little Ones) enables children to appreciate the Performing Arts, nurturing one’s untapped talent and developing confidence. This programme is about developing a holistic music education approach. The course provides equal development to the right and left brain. It helps is mapping the mind in a systematic way yet developing and nurturing creativity through several musical pedagogy methodology. It offers a more targeted curriculum to each level – Nursery (N1 & N2) and Kindergarten (K1 & K2).

*Please contact us for more information and schedule.

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