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We provide vocal lessons both as a career or leisure. Teaching vocal lessons is not for the faint of heart or for the teacher who enjoys quietness. If you are going to undertake teaching voice lessons prepare yourself for a lot of noise and possibly some frustration. While teaching vocal lessons to some students who have music backgrounds may come quite easy as compared to those with no music backgrounds.

No matter what level you feel your vocal ability is, it is important that to ensure that all students know music basics such as the names of notes and the basics of rhythm. For students who are not familiar with basics of music, they would be placed at the beginners’ level. Also important for all students is a wide range of vocal exercises to be done at home for practice and during their voice lessons.

Most important of all, when attending vocal lessons, we should ensure that singing is fun for everyone. Apart from continuous encouragement, students will require a certain amount of practice time every week and this can vary, depending on how advanced they are. If students are found slacking off, they will need a little push, and sometimes they just might need a new approach. Students will always be encouraged to try something new. Lessons are kept interesting and challenging and this will to vocal excellence!

There are numerous objectives and benefits for having professional voice training. The prime objective is to train the voice while maintaining vocal health and proper musicianship. The student will be able to accomplish vocal strength, agility, range, and breathe management.

The first few lessons include a complete intake and vocal assessment. You’ll learn the foundation of this vocal technique and how it can strengthen your voice and body.


There are numerous benefits to vocal training:

  • increased energy

  • open-heartedness

  • expressiveness

  • improved physical and emotional awareness

  • greater physical and vocal strength

  • vocal confidence (both speaking and singing)

  • increased vocal range

  • clearer articulation

  • a fully resonant sound

  • knowledge of music reading

  • literature and languages

  • experience with a variety of musical styles



March, July, Nov examinations will be arranged accordingly. * Please contact us for more information and schedule.

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